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Westway Owners Still Fighting For Liquor License Approval

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Matt Kliegman and Carlos Quirarte's battle to get a liquor license for their new Westway venture raged on this week, as the duo appeared before the SLA's yesterday to request the approval of their application. Things did not go as well as they hoped, as the SLA grilled them over the community's concerns, specifically over traffic issues, hours of operation and the existence of stripper poles in a bar that claims is not a strip club.

So what's the beef? According to the Village Confidential, the Westway team's traffic consultant did not factor in cars idling outside the bar, the nearby FedEx facility, and that Clarkson is the only street cars can turn left onto from the West Side Highway, although it's not clear who exactly would be driving to the bar other then taxis and what kind of traffic mitigation would be needed at 1 AM. And when it came time to discuss the stripper poles, SLA savior Dennis Rosen told the Quirarte he "wasn't getting it", and the application was held over. Westway has to appear before the SLA again in April.
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