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No-Nonsense Gorilla Cheese Truck Hitting the Road Soon

New York already has one grilled cheese truck, Milk, which is cool, but it only serves up sandwiches at the Brooklyn Flea, and has a twee little logo and aesthetic, not exactly befitting one of America's most universally beloved comfort foods. But all that's about to change soon, with the addition of Gorilla Cheese NYC.

First things first, they've got a great mascot: a giant ape licking his lips. They're also not just going to serve precious little pressed paninis — their menu includes things like tater tots, grilled s'mores, mac and cheese bites, and add-ons like BBQ pulled pork and "crazy hot lime habaenro" sauce. Finally, they have a awesomely dumb slogan: "It's Easy Being Cheesy!"

This very well may prove to be the no funny-business grilled cheese truck that New York so desperately needs. They're currently rounding up staff, so expect a launch sometime in the next few weeks (they've already mapped out their route). Follow them on Twitter here.
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