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The Early Word on Angelo Sosa's Social Eatz

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Last week, Top Cheffer Angelo Sosa launched his new affordable internetz friendly concept Social Eatz with his partners from The Ember Room and Circle Hospitality. And as of right now, they're open for lunch. Many early reviews have been filed and they are mostly positive: some compare Social Eatz to Xie Xie, and many mention the smallish portions, the appetizers as standouts and the "Z." To the early word:

The Good News: Marc Shepherd files an early review of Social Eatz. He went when the food was free right after they opened. He was particularly impressed by the service: "Service was very good, especially for a restaurant this inexpensive. The host checked my coat, and there were cloth napkins. Staff seemed to know the menu well" He also noted that Sosa seems to be a bit too talented for this concept: "I’m not sure why Sosa is content to do this kind of food, when he is clearly capable of much more. For now, this is the idiom in which he chooses to work. His brand of fusion cuisine won’t be to all tastes: to some, his palate may be too sweet, or not tart enough. But you’ve got to hand it to a guy who is serving food of this quality, in a decent-looking midtown space, for about $20 a head." [NYJ]

The Decently Happy News: Laura from 50 by 25 went to Social Eatz two days in a row. Here is some of what she had to say: "Overall, I was decently happy with the restaurant, but it doesn't even come close to being as good as Xie Xie used to be... However, I don't think I'll be going back to Social Eatz regularly - it would be a great place to grab a bite if I worked in the area, but it's not really a destination spot." [50 by 25]

The Disappointed News: Sara over at NYC Nom Nom filed an interesting review of Social Eatz. She gave the place 5.5 out of 10 "Nom Points," but she couldn't eat anything with peppers... Here's some of what she had to say: "I REALLY wanted to like this place. So much so that I just kept trying to find positives as I wrote this review, but what it came down to was just that it was disappointing. Nothing was special enough, flavorful enough, or interesting enough to be what I would think of as Sosa... If this wasn’t Sosa’s place, I don’t think I would have thought about it a second time. It just tasted like an average burger place with a different concept that wasn’t well executed. I got to see a bit “behind the curtain” since I had to have mine without the spice. It made me realize that spice was so relied upon, that the rest of the dish was just average. When I go to a place like this, I expect them to execute on a delicious dish, whether or not it is spicy." [NYCNomNom]

The Great News: Facebooker Linda Anne H. was thrilled to have this new addition near her office: "Great food and amazing chocolate brownie. Awesome way to end a meal. So glad that it is so close to work!" [Facebook]

The Winning News: Lydia N. was really into Social Eatz in her Yelp review: "Definitely a fan. The food was delicious, and for the price? Win... Overall, I'd really enjoy coming here if I were in the neighborhood with some friends. The prices are totally reasonable and the staff was really friendly... The lighting is a bit dim, and I'm not a huge fan of the bright orange, but the bathrooms were nice..." Good to know. [Yelp]

The Lives Up to the Hype News: Yorkvillian pens a Menupages review entitled "As Seen on TV." She has many positive things to say about Social Eatz: "After having imagined the taste of Top Chef Angelo's food for two seasons, we were excited to finally try it. Verdict -- as good as we had hoped. They started us out with spicy pickled veggies that made me want to finish my cauliflower for the first time in my life. We had all 3 appetizers: the ribs, the wings and the spring rolls. They were all quite good... but the rolls were the standout with their amazing mustard-citrus dipping sauce." [Menupages]
—Jackie Goldstein

Social Eatz

232 East 53rd St., New York, NY