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NY Greenmarket Asks Greenmarket Tavern to Change Name

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Earlier this week, Karen McIntyre, an associate of a new month-old restaurant called Greenmarket Tavern contacted Eater to tell us about the restaurant's philosophy—they aim to support both farmers and photographers as they're located in the photography district on West 21st—and about an upcoming private exhibition on Monday March 21. But there was an interesting tidbit in her note: while they were born as Greenmarket Tavern, they changed their name after being contacted by that old fun-loving New York Greenmarket. Turns out when they were in planning stages, someone at the restaurant did check for the URL but never checked to see whether or not the word greenmarket is trademarked. Well, it is! Grow NYC, the non-profit group that runs all of the city's farmers markets owns it, and they've prevented other farmers markets from using the name.

So, now they're called Greeensquare Tavern. They're still focused on farmers and photographers so check them out. And read their menu over on Grub Street.
[Photo of the owners by Carol Dronsfield]

Greensquare Tavern

5 West 21st St., New York, NY