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In Kitchen Revamp Jeffrey's Axes Grocery, Adds Seats

This afternoon a tipster writes in regarding the recent revamp of Gabe Stulman's luncheonette/grocer/restaurant Jeffrey's. As it so happens, the folks behind the operation—which has been without a good portion of its grocery space for awhile—removed the last remnants of the grocer aspect while making the promised kitchen expansion. And our tipster believes it was a bait and switch. They write, "Jeffrey's ditched the groceries and pretty much looks like a bar. Funny how that happened after the CB meeting approving the liquor license." Stulman confirms that they got rid of their refrigerated case and the remaining shelves, and due to the kitchen expansions, the front counter is now a bar at night. During the day, they sell muffins and baked goods there. And he says they're selling even more prepared goods than ever—they just won't be displays in a case in the front.

For those who love the food at Jeffrey's but not the wait for a table, this is good news—they've gone from 36 to 49 seats and have more bar space. And it makes business sense given all that real estate that was going to waste at night when it was used as a grocer. It's not such good news for those neighborhood folks who wanted more grocer, not more bar.
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