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Acme Bar & Grill May Reopen 'After a Few Months'

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Yesterday, the sad news broke that Noho southern spot Acme Bar & Grill was closing after nearly 25 years in business. Management told a few blogs that the restaurant was done for, and that "there just wasn't enough business" to keep it going.

Now, we learn that Acme might not be going anywhere, after all. Owner Bob Pollock jumped into the comments on a Grub Street post, to say:

"We are not closing for good we need to renovate this place after 25 years, the place was built on a shoestring 25 years ago and needs a major over hall as the Board of Health would want me to do and the fans of Acme please be patient we'll be back after a few months."
Who knows why management was telling everyone that they were closing for good yesterday, and that a new lease had been signed, but it's probably wise that they do some renovations and reopen. The restaurant did just get approved for a full liquor license from the CB2, and, as we know, that area of Noho is coming up as a hot dining neighborhood.
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