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Some Do's and Don'ts for St. Patrick's Day

St.Patrick's Day, one of New York's Five Worst Days to be outside, is finally upon us. While staying indoors or simply avoiding anything to do with the parade, Midtown East or any Irish themed bar are recommended, sometimes the lure of celebrating the annual booze fest with a Jameson, Bushmill's or whatever your pleasure is just too strong to ignore. So with that in mind, why not consider this list of Do's and Don'ts to make your and everyone's St. Patrick's Day the best darn day it can be.

DO— Start early. In fact, start very early at McSorely's. Why? Because one of New York's oldest bars opens at 8 AM for the occasion, the crowd is civilized, and you will always remember that day you woke up at 7 just to stand in line and drink. Good times!

DON'TSkip walking up and down Third Avenue above 33rd Street and hitting all of the so called "Irish" bars that line the streets. It's this annual idiot fest that makes St. Patty's one of the five worst nights of the year. There is only so many times you can hear U2 and Journey accompanied by a chorus of wooohoooo from all of the revelers. It's really not fun, and it should be left to the off duty servicemen and visitors looking to keep the good times rolling from Hoboken's drunk fest.

DO— Tomorrow is not only St. Patrick's Day, it's also the first day of the NCAA tournament. While these events aren't usually enough to justify a day out of the office, the unusual double dip is a reason to take a day off of work and have some fun. Find an out of the way bar showing all of the games and offering 2 for 1 Mickey's or Jameson and have yourself a day.

DON'T— Just because someone is offering some kind of St. Patrick's day cocktail or anything labeled St. Patrick's Day doesn't mean you have to try it. You think they are drinking whiskey coolatas in Dublin? Keep it authentic people.

DO— If you have decided to get a little wild, please do so responsibly. Remember that the rest of the City is working or going to school while you try to break last year's record for number of Bud Lights consumed in a weekend, and would rather not have to deal with your mess.

DON'T— Wind up like this guy.
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McSorely's Ale House

15 East 7th St., New York, NY 10003