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Cuozz: Angelo & Maxie's Closing; Hanson Eyes Japonais Space

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In Steve Cuozzo's real estate column this week, he focuses on this year's high profile restaurant closures, including Japonais, Matsugen, Montenapo, and Alto and Convivio. It's not a trend per se, given the restaurants closed for slightly different reasons, but there are a lot of major spaces on the market ripe for the picking. Cuozzo mentions that Park Avenue South's Angelo & Maxie's steakhouse and its sister restaurant Maxie's Grill are on the way out as well—their landlord expects the space back within the next 60 days.

Also of note in his piece: he hears that restaurant world kingpin Steve Hanson is close to signing a deal on the giant East 18th Street space of big box Asian restaurant Japonais.
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