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Food Blog Nerd Makes Triumphant Return to Small Screen

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Any fans of Bethenny Frankel's string of reality shows (the latest is called Bethenny Ever After) or any careful followers of Eater will remember Nick, a nerdy Chowhounder right out of central casting who Frankel found and interviewed last season for a potential internship. He made his return to the show recently when Bethenny hired him to add a food blog to her website.

He brings her a sandwich "from this really cool underground sandwich shop," promises to take her to the Halal cart on 53rd and 6th, and informs her that there is such a thing as a Big Gay Ice Cream Truck (though he adds that it's run by a "regular gay"). After quizzing him about where they should go on a truck crawl, Bethenny exclaims, "I can't stump you, it's like Jeopardy for foodies." Do watch him in action.
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