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The Great Thaw

2011_03_misslilyresy.jpgMiss Lily's, the month-old Caribbean restaurant from La Esquina's Serge Becker has been slowly unveiling itself to the masses. At first, it was only really open to the city's movers, shakers, and hip elite. Now, they've released a menu and finally opened up a resyline (646-588-5375) with real openings this weekend. And they purportedly take walk-ins on weekdays. Update: But wait, there's more! Nowness gets pictures inside and reveals the owners plan to open an adjacent juice bar "that will also offer a small selection of records, books and curios with a Caribbean theme." [Zagat]

Miss Lily's

132 West Houston Street, New York, NY 10012 Visit Website

132 West Houston St., New York, NY 10012