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Newcomer Pays Tribute to Gastronomic Wonders of NY State

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Remember when The Brooklyneer opened in downtown Manhattan and offered to serve all the goods of that far off borough of Brooklyn like ricotta and pickles and sauerkraut? That was cool. Now, in a slightly different twist, a new restaurant called Little Town NYC promises to celebrate all of the wondrous foods of New York State when it opens next month. It's a better concept, for the simple reason that the places they are trying to pay tribute to are farther away than a 10 minute F train ride. The downside: New York State delicacies are not all that spectacular. Still they will have...buffalo wings, Hudson Valley grilled cheese, NY State chicken coated in pretzels, classic reubens, and New York wine and beer. Oh and daily specials pay tribute to Albany, Syracuse, Buffalo, and Ithaca.

One question: Where is Rochester's famed garbage plate?
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Little Town NYC

118 East 15th St., New York, NY