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A Guide to Michael Bao's Opened/Unopened Restaurants

The great thing about chef/restaurateur Michael Bao Huynh is that every time you think he's about to close a restaurant, he surprises you with three new concepts he's trying to get off the ground. Sometimes they come to fruition, sometimes they don't. It can be a lot to keep track of. So, here's a handy guide to every single Michael Bao project opened, planned or mentioned over the last three years. ?

· DOB 111 [March 2010-January 2011]
· Bao & Bunny [Coming spring/summer 2011]
· Baoguette Cafe [Opened April 2009]
· Chinito Bia & Taqueria [Opened briefly in November 2010]
· O Bao [Opened August 2009]
· Baoguette FiDi [Opened December 2009]
· Baoguette Williamsburg [Mentioned 10/09, never realized]
· Baorrito [October 2010-March 2011]
· Bar Bao [October 2008-March 2010]
· Baotique [Opened February 2011]
· Bao Market [Mentioned 03/10, presumably scrapped]
· A Cuban-Asian Concept with Alex Garcia [Originally planned for mid-2010 opening, scrapped]
· Bia Garden [August 2009-October 2010]
· Mikey's Burger 3rd Ave. [Coming spring/summer 2011]
· A Seafood/Karaoke Concept on the Williamsburg Waterfront [Slated for summer 2010, but the deal fell through]
· BaoBQ [Mentioned 08/10, not in the works anymore]
· 80-Seat Fine Dining Concept on 62nd and 2nd Ave [Planned for mid-2010, never opened]
· Andy 'n' Bao [Coming spring/summer 2011]
· A Pizzeria with Spike Mendelsohn [Mentioned 08/10, more as a dream than an actual concept]
· Baoguette Lexington [Opened December 2008]
· An American Diner in Vietnam [Mentioned 08/10, presumably still in the works]
· Mikey's Burger [Opened December 2009]
· A Pizzeria in Vietnam [Mentioned 08/10, presumably still in the works]
· Bar Bao St. Marks [Coming spring/summer 2011]
· DOB West Village [Mentioned 08/10, presumably scrapped]
· A Vietnamese Restaurant in Vietnam [Opening sometime this year]
· A Cooking School in Da Nang [Opened in 2010]
· Pho Sure [Opened May 2009]
· B Clinton [Originally planned for spring 2010, eventually scrapped]
· A Cooking School in Saigon [Mentioned 08/10, presumably still in the works]
· Baorrito St. Marks [Coming spring/summer 2011]
· A Vietnamese restaurant on the Oakland waterfront [In the works for over a year]

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