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Powerful Little Leagues Line Up To Fight Westway

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It's the battle of Westway Part Deux, only this time its got nothing to do with freeway and everything to do with T & A. According to the Villager, Matt Kliegman and Carlos Quirarte's delayed Westway club led the presidents of both the Greenwich Village Little League and the Downtown Little League to campaign against the project. The duo have been petitioning the SLA to deny the transfer of the club's license prior to the club's license hearing this week, arguing in a letter "that granting a liquor license to a strip club in the midst of the busiest intersection of children’s outdoor activities in Downtown Manhattan will make our family-oriented neighborhood and, most importantly, our children less safe, many of whom walk to and from practice at Pier 40 on their own.”

Of course Westway isn't really a lap dance kind of strip club and it seems unlikely that games are held after 11 PM. Parents could also take their kids down Houston instead of Clarkson if a little league game went into extra innings and they needed to walk by during business hours. It's also odd that these commissioners never had beef when the club operated as Club Mystique, which actually was a lap dance kind of club. Westway shouldn't be too worried, since it's neither in a residential area nor in violation of the 200' or 500' rule, so hopefully they should be able to get their license soon and the parties can begin.
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