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Lesly Bernard Angst at Village Tart; Black Truffles at Corsino

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NOLITA— A tipster sends in the above pic of graffiti at the shuttered Nolita restaurant Village Tart, owned by Lesly Bernard. He writes, "Hey guys - I was walking by the now defunct Village Tart and saw this written on the front door. I think someone probably did not get paid when this place shut down months ago. I looked in the window and the place is completely stripped bare. Looks like someone might be taking over the space." Actually, Toby's Public House is trying to take it over, but it's not going too well. [EaterWire]

WEST VILLAGE—West Village restaurant Corsino is serving a five course black truffle tasting menu for one week, starting today. The menu is $75 or $95 with wine pairing and includes eggs in bagna cauda with black truffles, roasted squash with black truffles, tagliatelle with robiola fonduta and black truffles, and more. [EaterWire]

MUSINGSIf I title my first editor's letter for the May issue 'New Day Rising', are any BA readers gonna get the Hüsker Dü reference?" — Adam Rapoport, Bon Appétit's new editor-in-chief, might have some skewed assumptions of his readership. Who doesn't know the seminal 1985 album? [Twitter via Eater National]


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The Now Shuttered Village Tart

86 Kenmare St., New York, NY