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University Place's Red Sauce Joint Buona Sera on the Market

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According to a listing from LoopNet, University Place restaurant Buona Sera is on the market. The 1,100 square foot place, including basement, is currently on the market for $21,500 a month. The pitch: "Incredible double wide corner frontage on the primest block of University Place with extremely heavy foot traffic in a very chic, highly coveted corner location." The restaurant has been in the neighborhood a long time (at least two decades by our estimate), but hasn't received reviews for its food of late.

Workers at the restaurant say there are no plans that they know of to close but note that a manager (not present) would know more about the listing. Often times, restaurant spaces are on the market for months before a buyer comes. And sometimes no buyer comes at all, leaving the restaurant safe from replacement.
· University & 12th Street Corner Restaurant [LoopNet]

Buona Sera

94 University Pl., New York, NY