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Landlord Gives Gonzalez y Gonzalez New Life with Split Space

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Gonzalez y Gonzalez appears to be on the rebound! While ARK Restaurants has decided to move on from the 22 year-old Soho restaurant, which shuttered at the end of January after their landlord awarded their space to a Chipotle, they have allowed two former employees to continue the Gonzalez y Gonzalez legacy. In a new development, the landlord is dividing former restaurant's space into two—the Broadway side will house the Chipotle and Gonzalez y Gonzalez (with its original sign) will occupy the 192 Mercer Street entrance. Now one Mexican place has turned into two! At last night's Community Board 2 SLA meeting, the two former employees and their lawyer were present on the docket for both a new liquor license and a transfer, because of the unique situation.

The two former employees were both bartenders who had been involved in Gonzalez y Gonzalez for nearly the entire time they were opened.

One committee member was fuming about the building conditions, even though the space had been an operating restaurant for 22 years. He demanded they apply to public assembly and for a letter of no objection. Other stipulations brought up were the hours. The committee wanted the hours shortened since the Mercer Street side is quieter, but the applicants really wanted that 4AM closing time that they've always had. They also were concerned with some issues regarding occupancy numbers of the space. Unfortunately because of these issues, the committee voted to deny the application for a new license and a transfer, but we shall see what happens in front of the full board and, later, the State Liquor Authority.
—Jackie Goldstein
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Gonzalez y Gonzalez

192 Mercer St., New York, NY