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The Best Worst New NYC Bar and Restaurant Websites

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10) Mono + Mono: Before you can enter the site for this Korean chicken joint, you must watch a terrifying knife-juggling routine, while music/static fades in and out à la Revolution No. 9.
9) King of Cupcakes: A fairly straightforward design marred by a strange, Annie Leibovitz-style shot of a toddler blissing out with a cupcake.
8) Artichoke: The new site is inspired by both The Godfather: Part II and MYST.
7) Feed Your Hole: Green hand eating a hot dog? Check. Out-of-focus food porn? Check. Video of a guy drinking a pint glass of hot sauce? Check.

6) Tulsi: If you thought the effects in Inception were cool, this site intro might just blow your mind.
5) Il Matto In addition to expertly cooked pastas, Matteo Boglione also dishes out MORE COWBELL.
4) Blue Bottle Brooklyn: This website is made from 100% recycled paper, and still defends Fold your Hands Child You Walk Like a Peasant as the greatest Belle & Sebastian record ever made.
3) Ninth Ward: The grumpy, mutton-chopped marionette man is one of the year's best new original website characters.
2) Ca Va: If the sound is on, and your husband/wife/girlfriend/boyfriend is in the other room, they will think you're watching a porno.
1) Beauty & Essex: No menus, pictures, or info about hours of operation, just a spinning Mortal Kombat-style medallion. It's hard to tell if you're supposed to make a reservation, or select a first player.

Artichoke Pizza

328 East 14th Street, New York, NY 10003