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Crass Press Release Uses Libyan Unrest to Pimp Hookah Bar

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Is it too soon to capitalize on the unrest in Northern Africa and the Middle East to pimp your new hookah bar in Midtown? We think the answer is yes. But we'll let you decide. A new press release for Hash 55:

Up in smoke......the Jasmine Revolution. Conspiracy or coincicence?
They've no idea what they've started, the Tunisian kids who overthrew ben Ali the other day; but to the international party set The Jasmine Revolution, as it’s become known, has come to mean a whole other thing --- one's flavor of revolution is another's flavor of hookah smoke...
Coincidence or conspiracy? You be the judge.
Do let's not ignore the implications of the other world-shaking event of the moment, the departure of Mubarak. Don't panic: the-post Mubarak hookah world is probably the only island of stability in Egyptian society at the moment and Egyptians’ flavor of preference (when they sit down at the end of the day to discuss the events of the day) is still the age old "double apple" resin, available at Hash 55 as well.

Coincidence or conspiracy? You be the judge.

While Libya’s tribal-fueled strife to rid itself of the once charismatic Qadafi is tearing the country apart, the only thing all parties agree on is that Libya’s national hookah flavor is still Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, also available at Hash 55.

Coincidence or conspiracy? You be the judge.

Even closer to home, conspiracy is afoot as the tyranical New York City Councilman Vincent Gentile at the end of 2010 proposed extending the city’s indoor smoking ban to hookah bars; a bill that would add all non-tobacco smoking products – including the legal herbal smoke – to the city's ban. Gentile argues hookah smoke, containing tar and carbon monoxide, is just as dangerous as cigarette smoke. Under the proposal, no new hookah bars would be allowed to open beginning in 2012. Existing hookah bars would be required to register with the New York City Department of Health, and would not be allowed to expand or change locations.

As Lady GaGa so succinctly put it in her prescient Meat Dress manifesto regarding rights we had no idea we actually possessed or were in danger of losing: "If we don't stand up for what we believe in and if we don't fight for our rights, pretty soon we're going to have as much rights as the meat on our own bones. And I am not a piece of meat." The moral of the story: some fight (and die) for democracy, others fight (and die) for their right to wear Meat Dresses; and some merely fight crowds in high heels and cocktail dresses (and die) in the heroic class struggle to smoke what they please in the privacy of their hookah lounges. Hash 55 proudly supports all struggle for freedom and the right of proletarians and jet setters alike to smoke whatever they please.

For the uninitiated??Jasmine is one of the classic hookah flavors: sweet, extremely potent flowery taste, with a hint of lemon. It is crisp and has a strong smoke. Smoke is meant to be enjoyed in concert with good food, friends and drink and Hash 55's Moroccan born tastemaker/creative force Said Chbihi recommends a wine pairing for Jasmine: dessert wines, late harvest fermentations and eiswine (ice wines) of German, Austrian or even Upstate New York origin. Ouzo/Arrak with Egyptian double apple resin smoke is the ultimate combo for summer. While Aram Jamarhiriaya loves a good chocolate accompaniment, like Hash 55's chef Victor LaPlaca's hash brownies. And Hash 55's house smoke flavor, The Gummy Bear (watermelon) is available every day and pairs perfectly with the other Gummy Bear, a liquored up watermelon martini designed by Said Chbihi. Hash 55's smoke sommelier agrees that that hookas should always be enjoyed with a lush postprandial quaff.

Hookas are available at New York's only upscale hooka lounge Hash 55 from Monday to Saturday; 5 p.m. till whenever, $30/per potion and each serve four comfortably. Double Apple is currently available. Tunisian Jasmine and Libyan Aram Jamarhiriaya will be available as of March 15th. It is not necessary to be 21 or over to enjoy smoking hookahs. And Hooka smoking is the only kind of smoking still allowed in New York City restaurants and bars under any law (local, state or Fed), so get it while you can. Reservations strongly recommended.

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