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Help Choose the Black Monday Maialino Dinner Winner

Last week, we announced a Valentine's themed contest: write us a poem about why you should go, and win a comped Valentine's Day dinner for two in Maialino's recently opened private dining room within their wine cellar. And wow, was it an opening of the floodgates. There were plenty of dirty entries, some solid heartfelt odes—and many women complaining about their cheap boyfriends. We've narrowed it down from dozens to three. The fate of Valentine's Day for three New York couples are in your hands:

NUMBER 1: Miles from Maialino
"Let's talk pig," Sam Sifton said--
they reap the beast from hoof to head.
I speak, of course, of Maialino,
where "little pigs" can sample vino,
and paesani stuff some serious face,
at Chef Meyer's new private tasting space--
for one hundred fifty bucks a head.
I long to bring my Valentine
to this Roman hot spot, to quaff and dine
and honor this temple gastronomical--
but for us, the price is astronomical.
Not for us, the getting horny
over secondi and contorni;
instead of bianchi, rosati, and rossi,
the seasonal menu at our local Cosi.
(Or perhaps, pulled noodles at the Flushing Mall;
it's the rabbit's year now, after all.)
I'd gladly trade my Sbarro ziti
for a taste of Carciofini Fritti,
and set aside my Frappucino
for some kick-ass dolci and cappuccino.
My low-carb diet would be put to the test,
but "When in Rome"--you know the rest.

NUMBER 2: Untitled (for the singles/gays)
While sailing, as children, she saved my life-
If I wasn't a homo, I'd make her my wife.

Real love between friends amongst bottles of wine-
Is how two single people spend most Valentine's

It's true of New York that romance is untraditional-
So seat us at the chef's table, we like that it's (pig) little

We won't be upset if you choose Plain Jane and Joe-
We've already recorded sappy films on TiVo

But give us a chance to prove how one gay and gal can inspire-
The kind of vibrant charm expected of dinner at Danny Meyer's

We'll ignite a contagious passion in the room housing vino-
That will spread through the night, love making per Maialino

NUMBER 3: Kate
Five years ago, at a Danny Meyer restaurant on an unforgettable date,

I first had the chance to kiss the incomparable Kate.

My brown-eyed beauty with those glistening blonde tresses

Was wearing one of her hundred form-fitting black dresses.

She smiled stunningly as I ordered her favorite cabernet,

And laughed as I called her the smartest girl I’d ever met from LA.

It was that night I started courting the prettiest lawyer I’ve ever known --

the girl with whom I’d soon spend thousands of hours on the phone.

Later, there were the roses, the books, and other gifts galore,

But the sushi pillows and gourmet meals most impressed my food connoisseur.

We were best friends – inseparable - for all of those years,

But then, out of nowhere, came the talk that every guy fears.

She was leaving for law school and thought it time to say goodbye.

Devastated, but undeterred, I pleaded my case and started to cry.

Though not together with my love so far away,

We continued to speak and visit until her graduation day.

Her sarcastic wit, her lips, her tender touch,

I had never missed or loved any girl so much.

Now that she’s back in NY, I can think of no place better than Maialino to recreate --

the magic and romance of that kiss on our first Danny Meyer date.

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