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Chefs Love Forming Heart-Shaped Pasta, Stuffing with Lobster

According to the lovely press releases that have been flooding the inbox for the last month, these items will be widely available next week. Because adults really love celebrating Valentine's Day with heart-shaped foodstuffs.

The Sweet:
1. Heart shaped chocolate molten cake (Pranna)
2. Heart shaped donuts (Dunkin Donuts)
3. Heart-shaped "Be Mine" cookies (Craft)
4. Heart-shaped Oreos filled with pink buttercream (Lulu Cake Boutique)
5. Heart-shaped whoopie pies filled with pink buttercream (Lulu Cake Boutique)
6. Rose heart-shaped marshmallows (Print)
7. Heart-shaped chocolate torte with fresh strawberry Chambord sauce (Carmine's)
8. Chocolate chiffon cake with a soft center of pistachio crème brulèe and sour cherry in an heart shaped chocolate mousse (Casa Lever)
9. White chocolate heart with chocolate coasted nuts (The Modern)

The Savory:
10. Heart-shaped pizza (Golosi)
11. Heart-shaped ravioli filled with lobster, herbs, and crème (Bahr Che)
12. Heart-shaped lobster ravioli with rich lobster broth and chervil (Merchants River House)
13. Heart-shaped lobster ravioli, prosecco and truffle butter (Lavo)
14. Heart-shaped ravioli for 2 (Nonna)