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David Burke Kitchen in the James New York Hotel, Opening Tonight

23 Grand Street, Soho
Phone: (212) 201.9119
Status: Certified Open
David Burke makes his big foray into downtown dining tonight with David Burke Kitchen in the James New York Hotel. The 130 seat subterranean dining room, designed by Thomas Schlesser, features lots of warm woods, industrial metals and a glass-enclosed "wine cave." Upstairs, there's the Treehouse Bar offering drinks as well as pizzas, pates, savory pop tarts and more. As for the menu downstairs, think lots of hearty market-driven American fare with a few whimsical Burke-twists (bone marrow "ants on a log," pork shank with "firecracker applesauce"). In the spring, an adjacent outdoor bar will open with a garden and seating for over a hundred people. DBK is open for dinner and drinks tonight, and plans are for a breakfast and lunch roll out at the end of next week. Take a look at the menu below, and send all early reports this way.
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Chili Lime Lotus Chips 3

Chipped Cheese / Olives / Honey 5

Maple Bacon / Dates / Peanut Butter 6

Salmon Pastrami / Pretzle / Mustard 5


Chicken Liver / Prune / Pistachio 7

Tomato / Eggplant / Ricotta Trifle 6

Ocean Cocktail / Horseradish 7

White Bean Puree 7


ANTS ON A LOG bone marrow / snails / parsley / garlic 16

CUTTLEFISH & LAUGHING BIRD SHRIMP lime yogurt / chorizo / arugula 16

SCALLOPS & OXTAIL quail egg / celery root 16

BISON TARTARE egg salad / smoked tomato / fingerling crisps 14

FLUKE & UNI SASHIMI cured cucumber / orange tea vinaigrette 17

PRETZLE CRAB CAKE tomato orange / green peppercorn / white beer 16

SPLIT PEA SOUP soft poached egg / prosciutto / ham hock crackling 10

LOBSTER SOUP lobster dumplings / coconut fennel crème / red watercress 14

WEDGE candied pecans / tomato vinaigrette / dried fruit / blue cheese 13

ROAST CARROT SALAD apricot/ fresh hazelnut oil / black olive crumble 12

MARKET SALAD usual suspects / maple mustard vinaigrette 12

CHEESE SELECTION kunik nettle meadows / hudson red twin maple 12

CHARCUTERIE SELECTION duck leg terrine / bresaola / wild boar sausage 12


FENNEL HAY ROAST CHICKEN for two / dark meat pie 25 each

SOY HONEY LOLA DUCK foie gras corn cake / maitake mushroom 34

VEAL SKIRT & SWEET BREAD “OSCAR” king crab / asparagus / béarnaise 28

VERMONT RABBIT carrot chorizo / escarole / olive gnocchi / tomato mint 28

PORK SHANK beet sauerkraut / firecracker applesauce 29

LAMB CROSSBONE lamb bacon / fancy fries 39

OXTAIL & HANGER STEAK smoked barley / creamy spinach 34

PRESSED HEAD-ON PRAWNS spicy spaghetti / zucchini / 32

BAY SCENTED MONKFISH guanciale / clams / roast cauliflower 28

SWORDFISH duck liver / red pepper polenta / baby romaine 29

IDAHO TROUT leeks / crispy potato / sour carrot grapefruit sauce 24

BLACK BASS green herb butter / todays vegetables 3 1

RIBEYE pommes souffle 45

7 each

Market Vegetables

Smoked Barley Risotto

Crispy Potato / Fried Herb / Horseradish

Cauliflower Gratin

Smoked Beef Fat & Jalapeno French Fries

Creamy Spinach

David Burke Kitchen

23 Grand Street, New York, NY 10013 (212) 201-9119 Visit Website

23 Grand St., New York, NY