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Introducing Eater Weekends: Saturdays-Sundays Starting 2/26

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2011_02_ews.jpgEater's always been more or less a Monday through Friday affair, which is all fine and good until suddenly it's Saturday morning and you're craving a hit of fresh dining intel as badly as that third cup from the French press. What to do then? Well, starting tomorrow, and continuing for as long as everyone here deems useful, Eater is debuting an entirely new suite of weekend coverage that we're going to call Eater Weekends.

As befits two days of repose, however, things are going to be a little different around here on Saturdays and Sundays. Each weekend, we'll be taking a break from the incessant news cycle to explore some of the more interesting backroads of the great dining landscape that is New York City. There'll be special guest stars, wacky surprises — plus dining tips, nightlife nuances, and oh so much more. Throughout the weekend, you'll also get to know some of your favorite chefs and restaurateurs in ways you may never have before. And if you're one of our lovely commenters, stay tuned: you may get rewarded for all your hard work at the bottom of the posts. Our solemn promise: Eater Weekends will be unlike anything you've seen before on this site.

So, join us here Saturday at 10am. Grab that cup of coffee, toast a bagel, kick back, relax, and enjoy the weekend with Eater. This will be fun.