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Edible Schoolyard Party at The Odeon; Montenapo Shuttered

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Do join us tomorrow morning for the debut of Eater Weekends. Wild times are assured. Until then, a little EaterWire to close out the workweek.

2011_odeonwire1.jpgTRIBECA—Jennifer Rubell, Lisa Spellman & Julie Gilhart are hosting a party to benefit Edible Schoolyard at The Odeon on Monday, February 28, from 7PM-10PM. Tickets are $50, which includes an open bar, food and music (Harry McNally is DJing). All proceed go to benefit Edible Schoolyard. Purchase tickets here. [EaterWire]

LOWER EAST SIDEGrub Street learns that Sean Scotese, chef at the short-lived Eastern Alley, is planning a new Chinese restaurant downtown, slated to open this summer. You can preview some dishes he's working on at a $65 six-course dinner series he's doing at DessertTruck Works, which includes three wine pairings. [GS]

TIMES SQUAREMontenapo, the Italian restaurant in the New York Times building, has closed. This is the second time the restaurant has shuttered in the last 20 months. The last owner notes: “We tried our best to make this property work. I don't think there is anyone to blame outside the economy.” The space has been returned to the landlord. [Crain's]
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