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Fatty Crab, Artichoke, Mud Consider New FiDi Food Kiosks

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The owner of a grouping of food kiosks over on 1 Centre Street at Police Plaza is looking for new operators once again, and some tempting options are already showing interest. The food kiosks underwent renovations in 2009, drawing interest from a number of businesses (and, per a rumor, Danny Meyer). They reopened last June as the Open Air Cafe with four new operations—Lucky Buns, The Pantry, Choza and Sauced. But the partners in those businesses, Park South Hospitality (The Volstead, PS 450), pulled out when they couldn't secure a liquor license for the space, and all except for Choza closed in January.

So, the permit-holder with the Department of Transportation—who has run the show here for a decade—is now reaching out to the public once again to see what kind of gourmet vendors she can attract. According to her, Fatty Crab, Mud Cafe, Artichoke Pizza, Billy's Bakery, various food trucks and the Red Hook Food Truck association have already shown interest. If it works out with any or a number of them, it could be a great little foodie mecca for the deprived lunchers of FiDi.

Want to be considered? Her original call to vendors is below.

The “Plaza Food Court”, as it’s been coined over ten years ago when it was built and began operations, currently sits on the 30,000 SF Municipal Plaza also known as St. Andrew’s Plaza and Police Plaza, downtown in Manhattan on Center Street. We are most famously seen in many episodes of Law and Order as well as many other movies. Currently we have four kiosks operating on the Plaza. These facilities are fully functional and have been operating under that same entity for ten years. We are offering the concession spaces for March 15th occupancy on a five-year term with a five year renewal option. The four spaces may be divided up anyway we feel would best support the local and tourist business in the area. Single Kiosks may be subdivided and multiple Kiosks may be taken by any one entity.

Each Kiosk can run as its own entity and food and liquor is permitted for sale. We are not permitted to sell any goods other than food and beverage at this time. The spaces on the Plaza may be open for business seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day as each Concessionaire deems appropriate. All kiosks have running hot and cold water, and gas and electric meters. Many of the Kiosks will have existing equipment that may be used by concessionaire if requested. The Kiosks on the North side have phone lines.

The Kiosks may be renovated but if a total reconstruction is requested, it will need to be approved by a City Agency. This change is not difficult but it may take up to six months. The Plaza may be used for other events including catering weddings and other social functions and even craft markets, farmers markets and holiday booth markets.

All events requiring additional permits (i.e tents, porto-potties etc) would have to submit a request and be approved.

Our goal is to make the Plaza Food Court a destination- hot spot. We want the Plaza Food Court to offer a variety of food items at a range of prices. Our intention is to continue to offer a great service to the existing customers and to draw in new customers with a creative menu operating out of lively, beautiful Kiosk Structures on Plaza that is housed in a historically rich and classic neighborhood. We also desire to make these improvements quickly and kick off the Spring 2010 season with our new vendors!

We will review all proposals that are submitted to us. We will contact all perspective Concessionaires by February 1st. This decision will not guarantee a space in the Plaza Food Court but it will afford the negotiating ability with our organization.

We will favor concessionaires who meet the following criteria:
-People and businesses with experience and success in the food/beverage industry.
-People and businesses willing to invest some capital to beautify and improve the Kiosk
structures. (Improvements include but are not limited to: Exterior Painting, refurbishing the floors, replacing some piping, restoring exterior lights and moldings, purchasing new patio furniture to blend with existing, installing a professional outdoor speaker/radio system , purchasing of any new cooking equipment needed for new menu items.
-People and businesses with an innovative menu.

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Fatty Crab - Meatpacking

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Plaza Food Court

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