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The TRILBY Opens Friday in the Cooper Square Hotel

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A new restaurant is opening at the Cooper Square Hotel on Friday. And what better way to announce said restaurant than the above terrifying graphic of a giant old hand dangling an ominous pocket watch? Not much information is available on The Trilby—the restaurant's line goes to a machine and PR is keeping mum—but a reservationist at the hotel tells us the "vibe and ambiance will be a little different" than that of its predecessor Faustina (and, its predecessor Table 8). It's darker, moodier, and full of new, interesting furniture. And they're open from 7 AM until midnight. Stay tuned for more on the cuisine and the menu.

And P.S.: This will be the hotel's third restaurant since its opening in spring 2009.
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The Trilby

25 Cooper Sq., New York, NY