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Mario Batali Is a Beast With the Foursquare

Mario Batali is a man of many talents: chef, restaurateur, film actor, vespa rider, trash talker. And now, to that list we can add Foursquare master. Batali has been quietly using the social networking site for what looks like a few months now, and lately he's been checking in all around town and leaving some very insightful tips. He's already the mayor of two restaurants that he doesn't even own! We thought it was all very funny and he was a very hip dude, until PR contacted us today to tell us he is actually in cahoots with Foursquare and that you can get an official Batali Badge from following him and checking in at his restaurants!

No matter. Even if he's been using Foursquare because of this new collaboration, his track record is still amusing and worth a look:

He loves the tacos, cold beer and relaxed prices at Dos Toros:

He's also not afraid to ride the train to Brooklyn for some quality Italian grub:

Cheap hot dogs bring out the poet in Batali:

Entertaining this weekend? Mario's got you covered:

If you dine at his restaurant in Singapore, here's what you should get:

Batali is currently the mayor of two places, both in the Virgin Islands:

And just look at all his badges:
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