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Daniel Boulud Latest Restaurateur Hit With Labor Lawsuit

Maimon Kirschenbaum, lawyer and restaurant industry bane, tells Eater that he's filing a lawsuit today against none other than Daniel Boulud, cherubic Frenchman and owner of Daniel, Cafe Boulud, and DBGB, among others. Like many other similar lawsuits that have littered the industry in the past year, this one claims that Boulud and his managers failed to pay certain waiters minimum wage, denied overtime wages, pooled tips with non-tipped employees, and did not pay the "spread of hours" premium for workdays over 10 hours. The suit also alleges that one plaintiff was fired in retaliation after he complained to management of unsanitary practices.

Alto, '21' Club, the Batali Empire, Brother Jimmy's, and Artisanal are just a handful of other restaurants that have been hit by a similar suits in the past year. Download and read the full complaint here.
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