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ilili and Benvenuto Kiosks Coming to Flatiron Public Plazas

Between Eataly, the Shake Shack, and Eisenberg's, there are already a lot of solid lunch places in the shadow of the Flatiron. But now we learn that the area is about to get two more grab-and-go options, right in the middle of the public plazas that stretch between 22nd St. and 27th St.

DNA Info reports that Mediterranean restaurant ilili is going to open up a stall tentatively named "Le Kiosk" in the north end of the space, serving pizzas, sandwiches and drinks. In the south end, a concept with the working title "Baked" will serve coffee, tea, Billy's cupcakes and smoothies. That project will be operated by Benvenuto Cafe, which is located directly across the street. Both kiosks intend to apply for beer and liquor licenses, and have submitted their design plans before the Public Design Commission. If everything gets approved, they could open as soon as later this year.
·Flatiron Restaurants to Open Kiosks in Public Plazas [DNAInfo]

ilili and Baked Kiosks

Broadway & E 23rd St New York, NY 10010