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William Tigertt Loves Uncle Moe's Massive Burritos

New York City is home to a lot of restaurants, more than any rational human being can ever hope to visit. Among that number are hidden gems the majority of New Yorkers just aren't unearthing. To help guide us to these potential discoveries, we've enlisted some of our city's many food luminaries to share with us their under the radar recommendations for Dining Confidential.


Our next recommendation comes from William Tigertt, an owner of several New York City businesses including two restaurants, Freemans and Peels.

"My love for Uncle Moe's pre-dates my restaurant career. When I first moved to the city from Detroit ten years ago, I lived up in Chelsea and would frequently lunch there. It's a family run, no-frills, self service San Francisco style burrito place. It's quick and clean and always a short line. The place has a mural of San Fran on the wall and photos of Mom & Pop burrito joints. I always get the Watsonville, which is a smaller version of the California burrito. I once tried the California and was sent into a deep food coma after consuming a burrito the size of my forearm. Don't get greedy with Uncle Moe's. If you can't hack the line at Shake Shack, take a four block detour and try one of the burritos. It's worth it."
—Gary Wong
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Uncle Moe's

14 West 19th St., New York, NY