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Defying All Odds, Coney Island's Ruby's Preps for the Season

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A message board poster offers the above picture of the folks at Coney Island staple Ruby's preparing for the 2011 season. Given they had a foot in death's door just a week ago, it's a pretty amazing development.

Ruby's, along with seven other businesses—dubbed The Coney Island 8was evicted by evil new corporate landlord Zamerla last fall and held multiple goodbye parties to bid adieu to their troves of fans and regulars. But just Tuesday, news broke that they were all being offered new leases to keep the businesses alive until November. Apparently, Ruby's is optimistic about signing a new deal.
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Ruby's Bar & Grill

1213 Riegelmanns Boardwalk, Brooklyn, NY 11224 Visit Website

Ruby's Old Time Bar & Grill

1213 Riegelmann, Brooklyn, NY 11224