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Coyote Ugly Shuttered By DOH, Spawns Genius Movie Idea

EV Grieve reports that Coyote Ugly has been closed by the Department of Health. The reason? It may be the whopping 90 violation points that the bar racked up during its last inspection, including evidence of both rats and mice in the food areas, filth flies, and just about every other disgusting violation you could think of. We're surprised that there aren't bed bugs on the list. But this does have the makings of an outstanding sequel to the movie. Picture this - the bar's owner dies and passes his life's work on to his estranged daughter, who discovers the once famous bar has been closed by the DOH the same day she finds out it is now hers. The daughter decides to clean the place up, with the help of a hunky exterminator and food safety consultant, finding love and happiness in Coyote Ugly. Someone get Jerry Bruckheimer on the phone!
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Coyote Ugly

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