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Introducing Eater's First Ever Official Critics: Lucy & Max

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With the exception of a one-off or two, over the years here at Eater we've stayed away from restaurant reviewing. We leave the meal critiquing and food porn posting to the critics, the bloggers, the Yelpers, while we stick to the news and gossip.

But rules are made to be broken.

Move over Sifton, Platt, and Sietsema—we'd like to introduce Lucy and Max, a brother and sister team that will twice monthly assess the restaurants of New York for Eater. Lucy is seven years-old and in the second grade. Some of her favorite restaurants include Apartment 138 in Brooklyn, Cowgirl in the West Village and Tortillaria Nixtamal in Queens. Restaurateurs should note that she loves Italian food, including lasagna and anything else covered in cheese and tomato sauce. Max is four years-old and is in pre-kindergarten. He loves Big Daddy’s Diner in Manhattan, Soho Park in Manhattan, and Ben’s Deli (multiple locations) on Long Island or in Manhattan. His favorite meal is scrambled eggs with cheese.

For their very first review, they hit up Brooklyn's uber-popular pizza joint Lucali. Their take is below.

[Click to enlarge]

Pictured above, Lucy, eating at Lucali. Currently anonymous critic Max is not pictured.

A special thanks to Max and Lucy's mom Alison Lowenstein, author and proprietress of Brooklyn Baby.


575 Henry Street, Brooklyn, NY 11231 (718) 858-4086 Visit Website


575 Henry St., NY 11231