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In 'n' Out Hoax Returns to Brooklyn a Month Early?

Last spring, College Humor played a very clever and sadistic April Fools joke on New York City when they plastered signage all over the city promising new locations of In 'n' Out for everyone. The prank was revealed, everyone was mad, and we went about our In 'n' Out-less lives.

But what is this now? A new In 'n' Out poster with 2012 on it found over a month before April Fools? Found in Dumbo, a neighborhood relatively close to where Smashburger and Cheeburger Cheeburger are soon making their New York debuts? Less than a year after the chain announced its first expansion into Texas? Pretty exciting.

We're still going to call hoax on this, but it does give one a small reason to hope. We await word from PR.

Update: As expected, PR confirms this is a prank. However they do say this, "We are not working on anything in Brooklyn. Maybe someday in the distant future but nothing right now."
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In 'n' Out Signage Spotted

75 Front St., Brooklyn, NY