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Nightlife Notebook: Inside Mr. H, Westway News, More!

It's Monday and there is a lot going on, so how about a little Nightlife Notebook to start things off! Got a tip? Do let us know!
Image Courtesy of PX This

SOHOMister H, Armin Amiri's new lounge in the Mondrian Soho, hosted a preview party this past weekend and PxThis was one of the lucky few to be invited. Although they weren't supposed to take photos, they managed to grab a few, including one of this cheeky slogan on the wall. Mister H is now hosting private parties, and Armin's former co-worker at Bungalow, Disco, has come over from XIX to man the door. [PxThis]

SOHO— More news from Westway, Carlos Quirarte and Matt Kliegman's new lounge in a former strip club near the West Side Highway. The duo tells New York that despite the room's former use, they are not opening a strip club, with Quirarte saying they are "not strip-joint owners. We’re not strip-joint guys,” When it finally opens later next month, the club will use Sunday and Monday nights for male and female go-go dancing, with the rest of the week hosting standard club action. [NY Mag]

TRIBECA— Word on the street is that Matt Shendell, owner of the Ainsworth, the Hill, and Dune in the Hamptons, will be opening a second Ainsworth location in Tribeca. Shendell is trying to keep his plans quiet for now as the deal apparently isn't 100% signed. Of course, the neighborhood has had some legendary battles with sports bars in the past (Buster's Garage anyone?), so it will be interesting to see how this plays out. [EaterWire]
UPDATE: A rep for the Ainsworth says there are 1000% no plans to do anything in Tribeca, contradicting everything we heard and were told last week.

BOOZE— If you thought the 4Loko crisis in America was something, then you will really flip over China's Moutai crisis. The price of the 144-proof liquor, which was used by the Red Army to disinfect wounds and tame diarrhea during the revolution, has jumped to over $200 a bottle, angering residents who can no longer afford to buy it and creating a thriving market in counterfeit hooch. But before you go running to your local importer to grab a bottle for yourself, be warned: Many Westerners compare the taste to diesel fuel. [NYTimes]

RUMORMONGERING— A few juicy rumors have been circulating around. First is that Simon Hammerstein will not only be bringing the Box to London, but also a tamed down version to the Venetian in Las Vegas. A desert insider tells us that won't be happening, but that Hammerstein does want to try and find a place for his special brand of entertainment. Second is that the Opium Group, the Miami nightlife players that failed so miserably with Mansion in New York, would buy Marquee from the Strategic Group. A company rep denies that, saying they the club is not on the market and there has been no contact between the two companies. [EaterWire]
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