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Gansevoort Park Hotel Inks Deal With Provocatuer Duo

Following yesterday's rooftop lounge announcement at the Dream Downtown, today brings word that Provocateur owners Mike Satsky and Brian Gefter have teamed up with the Gansevoort Park Hotel to operate the Gansevoort Park Rooftop. The rooftop is a 20,000 SF tri-level complex that consists of an ultra lounge with attached outdoor balconies, an outdoor/indoor pool deck with multiple connecting lounge/bar areas, and a outdoor rooftop level, and follows Satsky and Gefter's re-programming of the original Gansevoort's nightlife space.

Satsky tells Eater that they "took on this venture because of our confidence in the Gansevoort ownership and we believe it is the perfect opportunity to diversify our rapidly growing portfolio." This space had previously hosted a few other events, and will join the already One Group's already opened Asellina restaurant.

Apparently the original Gansevoort roof top, the one with the expensive drinks served in plastic cups that is considered one of the Worst Outdoor Drinking Places in New York, still generates more than $10 million dollars in revenue a year, so Satsky and Gefter are obviously excited to get involved with a project this large with this amount of upside.

Satsky also says that he and Gefter will be opening an additional space in the ground floor of the Gansevoort Park sometime later this spring, which we assume will be Twenty 33, described on the website as a venue to "recapture the original glamour of the prohibition - era speakeasy" (something that may be kind of hard for a two story hotel bar). A Satsky speakeasy? Now we've seen everything!

UPDATE: Satsky writes that the Twenty33 concept was no longer going forward, and would be replaced by a different concept overseen by himself and his partners.
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