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Photos of New York Chefs When They Were Young

We've seen a lot of sharp-looking cooks in our Hot Chef competition recently, but let's not forget that the elder statesmen of this city's kitchens were once foxy young heartbreakers, too. Thanks to the magic of the internet, those chef promotional photos they posed for so many years ago never die, they just get more fun to look at. Let's take a walk down memory lane, shall we?

Tom Colicchio:
[At Gramercy Tavern, denim, Black Shirt, Black suit]
In his youth, Tom Colicchio cycled through a few looks, including "jolly cheesemonger," "friendly landlord" and "cop from a Steven Bochco TV drama." In these pre-Top Chef days, Tom always kept a nice, warm grin on his face.

Daniel Boulud:
[In a Toque at Le Cirque, with Sirio Maccioni, with Letterman, DB today]
As a young chef, Daniel Boulud always found the perfect accessories to make his photos really stand out. Sometimes they included comically large toques, late night talk show hosts, or Sirio Maccioni.

Andrew Carmellini:
[All photos from]
Some chefs look silly in their standard whites, but not a young Andrew Carmellini. He always looked like a badass, whether he was flanked by wild game, standing in an empty dining room, or perched on the balcony of a high-rise condo.

Jean-Georges Vongerichten :
[With a Sauce Pan, In his Whites, Bent Over, JGV today]
Jean-Georges Vongerichten found a personal style that worked for him a long time ago, and he stuck with it. New photos of the chef just look like old photos that have been slightly crumpled up, then smoothed out again.

Mario Batali:
[At Po, Thumbs Up, In his Whites, MB at Eataly]
When you line up all the photos that Mario Batali has posed for over the years, chronologically, it's easy to track his growth from camera-shy professional, to budding media star, to slightly disaffected media star, to the sometimes irreverent, always larger-than-life NYC restaurateur that we know him as today.

Danny Meyer:
[ Opening Union Square Cafe, Brown jacket, No Jacket, current]
Okay, he's not a chef, but how cool was Danny Meyer as a young restaurateur? He may have gotten a better tailor over the years, but he never lost that twinkle in his eye.
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