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The Standard Extends Liquor Licenses to More Public Spaces

At last night's Community Board 2 meeting, representatives from The Standard Hotel at 848 Washington St. appeared to get the community on board with some proposed changes to its many liquor licenses. The third floor, currently a catering-only space would be converted to public space, open from 7 AM to midnight. They also aim to extend the beer garden hours from the present midnight closing to 1 AM Sunday-Thursday and 2 AM Friday-Saturday, not too ballsy of a request given the neighborhood and the hotel setting.

The roof bar and lounge on the 19th floor would see the service-only bar become a regular stand-up bar with a 4 AM closing time and the addition of background music. Finally, the north plaza, which is a skating rink in the winter, would include seating in warmer weather and would be open from 7 AM to midnight weekdays, 7 AM to 1 AM weekends. As expected, there was some concern expressed by the community over the lengthened hours though certainly not with the rancor the other applicants in the meeting experienced. The hotel's representative noted that "I've been to enough meetings to know you don't walk out with everything you want" before agreeing to reduce the roof's hours, closing at 2 AM every night. The committee voted unanimously to approve the changes.
—Gary Wong
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The Standard Hotel

848 Washington St., New York, NY