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Midtown Getting a Fine Dining Delivery-Only Concept, Savory

There's a lot of risk involved with opening an upscale restaurant in Manhattan. If it's not a hit right out of the box, rent and staffing costs can be killer. A new concept, Savory seeks to do away with all that by offering fine dining food with no dining room, and no servers — just delivery guys.

Per Craigslist, we learn that this new high-end, delivery-only operation will feature a former Bouley sous chef and a Jean Georges vet in the kitchen. According to their website, the project is slated to debut in April, and will only service Midtown. Their creed:

We make delectable dishes with the best ingredients specially prepared to travel. And while it's just our opinion, our memorable meals — whether it's perfectly seasoned spaghetti or our burgers consistently cooked to perfection — are exactly what you're craving (whether you know it or not).

Sadly, their site doesn't have a menu yet, but there is a fairly awesome-looking photo of a bowl of spaghetti, and a less than awesome-looking photo of a chicken and cashew salad. Their site also notes that the food will be delivered "FAST" and that they will thank loyal customers with "words and with little gifts."
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