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Who Should and Shouldn't Go to Dans Le Noir?

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Who Should Go to Dans Le Noir:
1. Critics who don't want to be spotted
2. Celebrities who don't want to be spotted
3. Celebrity Impersonators
4. People having affairs
5. Murderers
6. Pranksters
7. Bats
8. Serial gropers
9. Tourists
10. Disgraced Politicians
11. Burn Victims
12. Elephant Men
13. Yelpers

Who Shouldn't Go to Dans Le Noir
1. Deaf People
2. Eater Readers
3. Hypochondriacs
4. People who Like Using Utensils
5. People who Like Stealing Utensils
6. The Easily Frightened
7. Anyone Who Doesn't Want to Pay $80 for a Surprise Menu
8. Food Photographers

Unfortunately for everyone, the opening of New York's first ever dark dining restaurant Dans Le Noir? has been delayed, perhaps until the 18th, perhaps until January. However, those in the first lists can make those primo resys now.

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Dans Le Noir

246 W 38th Street, New York, NY 10018

Dans Le Noir?

246 West 38th St., New York, NY

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