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Caffe Storico Opens at the Historical Society Tomorrow

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Tomorrow, Stephen Starr, the Prince of Philadelphia and the owner New York's MePa big box restaurants Morimoto and Buddakan, will show off his cultural side with the opening of Caffe Storico in the base of the renovated New York Historical Society. The restaurant offers paninis and light snacks and small plates (here known as cicchetti) as well as some heavier pastas (pappardelle, hand rolled garganelli, rigatoni) and mains (slow roasted chicken, olive oil poached salmon) from chef Jim Burke. The large, country dining room-like space seats over 75 guests, encompasses 1,500 square feet, and is ringed with cases upon cases of fine china and tea pots from the Historical Society's collection. Look around at the digs above and check out the menu and its prices below.

Caffe Storico
170 Central Park West, Upper West Side

Caffe Storico

170 Central Park West, New York, NY 10023