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Luke's Lobster Truck Booted From Poor Roosevelt Island

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Poor Roosevelt Island just can't catch a break. Earlier this week everyone's favorite lobster roll vendor Luke's Lobster tried to give the restaurant-starved island a go. And why not? It boasts a captive audience, they need good food there, and it's a bitch these days to vend in Midtown. Think again lobster-slingers.

Shortly after Luke's found a spot, Roosevelt Island police (called Public Safety Officers) kicked them off the island. Owner Luke Holden explains:

...things are going fine, until the PSO comes around and said that we had to leave, because Roosevelt Island is a private island and that our NYC city wide permit was not valid on R.I. and that we needed to go down to 591 and see Donna and the Island president? and apply for a permit, and then we'd be able to come back.
A rep at the Roosevelt Island Operating Corp. confirmed that additional licenses are needed to vend on the island but added that they aren't issuing any more licenses at this time. Which sounds about right.
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