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Williamsburg's CB1 Bans New Bars from Using Backyards

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The once incredibly lenient Community Board 1 in Williamsburg is again trying to crack down on the proliferation of bars in the neighborhood. While plans earlier this year to drop a full-on moratorium on all new liquor licenses in the area of course fell flat, a new initiative did not. Last night, CB1 approved a measure requiring new applicants to have a full kitchen in order to use a backyard or roof space. Their hope is that it will encourage more restaurants, not bars, to add to the al fresco noise in a neighborhood teeming with bars with outdoor areas. They are also requiring new applicants to collect signatures of neighbors in support.

As with anything involving community boards and liquor licenses, CB1's recommendation is just advisory. So new bar owners who want to use that primo outdoor space may want to simply take their chances at the state level.
· CB1 now requires bars to have full kitchen if they want outdoor space! [BP]
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