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Graydon Carter Overseeing Design of New Beatrice Inn

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Last week Grub Street noticed that Graydon Carter, the Vanity Fair editor with a knack for reviving classic New York restaurants, was on the liquor license application for the new restaurant going into the former Beatrice Inn space. His wife Anna Carter confirmed his involvement to Eater this week, and yesterday the Beatrice's principal owner Emil Varda got on the line to share the details.

Carter, a minority partner, is helping with the design and the look of the space and Varda contends that they "will save as much of the old and original pieces as we can." (Though we're curious as to what is left.) He tells Eater, "We are going to serve comfort food and the restaurant is going to be very comfortable and inviting, continuing the tradition of the people who owned it for so many years."

Before the Beatrice became the notorious club (that eventually shuttered amid a flurry of violations from the city) it was a speakeasy and then neighborhood restaurant for over 50 years, and Varda would like to return it to those roots, making it a 90-seat spot locals can return to two or three nights a week. There will be a public phone number, he says, they will be on OpenTable.

As for the menu, Varda would like to serve comfort food with an emphasis on meat. It won't be a steakhouse, but there will be steak, chicken, basic dishes. He plans on making the prices accessible and will launch lunch and brunch shortly after dinner. As for the name, he, Carter, and their third partner haven't decided whether they'll keep The Beatrice moniker or not.

Look for it to open in January or February.
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The Beatrice Inn

285 West 12th Street, Manhattan, NY 10014 (212) 675-2808 Visit Website

The Beatrice Inn

285 West 12th St., New York, NY

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