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Christmas Comes Early with Cuozzo's End of Year Rant

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Here's something that's welcome any time of year: a restaurant rant from the Post's curmudgeon-in-residence Steve Cuozzo. Today he files a piece about everything that's annoyed him in 2011. The list includes, but is not limited to:

· Flighty chefs
· Rude managers
· "Squealing" women in the dining room
· Wine lists without vintages
· Overconfident imports (specifically Maria Loi)
The best is his complaint about restaurateurs speaking out about critics following a negative review: "A restaurant should suffer its beating in silence. Do not whine that Adam Platt or Sam Sifton didn’t 'get' it. Do not tweet that Yelp shills, who are paid to post nonsense, really understand the chef’s vision."

In his last couple of rants, he's touched upon no-reservations policies, club/restaurants, and places with tyrannical owners as well as large format feasts, pushy waiters, dry chicken, jumbo restaurants and the restaurant industry in general. His top ten tirades are here.
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