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Brooklyn's Historic Tom's Eyes Coney Island Expansion

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Tom's, a 75 year-old Brooklyn diner on Washington Ave. in Prospect Heights, may bring some respectability back to Coney Island months after evil landlord Zamperla evicted a slew of longtime boardwalk vendors. According to a report on Gowanus Lounge, Jimmy Kokotas, the owner of Tom's, would like to bring his egg creams to the old ChaChas space and an agreement with Zamperla is expected by the end of this week. He hopes to offer the same menu as his original restaurant with a few new seafood additions as a nod to the neighborhood. He's also thinking about using the roof. He tells Gowanus Lounge, "We’d like to stay open as much as possible. The ultimate goal is 52 weeks so people can come and have pancakes and eggs and whatever else they’d like on the boardwalk in December, in January and February."

If the deal goes through, Tom's will open in the spring.
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