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Botched Tavern on the Green Deal Cost NYC $2.2 Million

An audit by the city's comptroller's office spells out what everyone following the Tavern on the Green story has known for a few years: the New York City Parks Department missed out in millions in revenue because of mismanagement of dining concessions. Writes City Room:

The audit singled out the handling of the Tavern on the Green concession in Central Park as a missed opportunity, saying that the city had foregone $2.2 million in concession fees and that the city and state had lost $3.7 million in sales tax revenue because of a gap in operations at the site, which had once been a famed restaurant.
The City booted the longtime owners of Tavern on the Green in 2009 and awarded the bid to Central Park Boathouse's Dean Poll, who wasn't able to properly deal with labor issues there and dropped the deal. Since then, the space has been used as a food truck parking lot.

According to the report, Parks lost out on a total of $8.8 million by missing the boat on various retail and restaurant bids and projects. For its part, the Parks Department called the audit's findings "misleading and unfounded."
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