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Shills for Veselka, Zio, Onegin, Darna, and More

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It's time for another edition of Adventures in Shilling, in which we fight shilling the best way we can, by shaming tasteless, unscrupulous shills into submission. Well, that's the plan, at least. Fight shills yourself by dropping offensive links to

2011_12_oneginshill.jpgToday, the intrepid shill detectives on Team Eater find suspicious reviews of Onegin, Veselka Bowery, Zio Restaurant, Brooklyn falafel spot Darna, and more. Time to get in there and get dirty:

A reader believes (and we concur) that there's a high shill probability for Zio Restaurant. Give this a read:

Not sure which Zio you visited Marilyn as I have been back to Zio on 19th Street a good 4-5 times and each time exceeds the previus wonderful experience. The scene is fabulous, the service overly attentive, friendly etc., the food by Chef Max (who personally visits your table) is some of the most innovative and enjoayble...and in my opinion stacks up against ANY of the best NYC has to offer. All this is made possible and starts with the owners that personally assure each and every dining experience is one wanting you coming back for more...and i will certainly be doing just that! With confidence I highly recommend Zio to anyone that desires the above noted type of dining experience.
Shill Probability: 72%

One of the many filtered reviews for disappointing and curious Russian newcomer Onegin tries to explain away the many many negative reviews:

Amazing Russian restaurant!! I am russian myself and have been there more than few times. 2 weeks ago they got new chief, I haven't tried what old did but review seems to be very critical. Chiken Kiev was very juicy and melted in a month Would recommend to try Chiken Pozharskaya But it was specialty not sure if they have it on a menu. Service attentive, I felt always being watched. Considering that restaurant just opened they always have people. I sort of like that its not overcrowded so I dont have to scream to be heard on other end of the table lol
Shill Probability: 83%

This is one of the many five star reviews from a first time reviewer for the newly opened Veselka Bowery that were eventually filtered out by Yelp:

I had an incredible experience today at Veselka Bowery! My order of French Toast was fabulous. It truly had to be the BEST French Toast I've ever had. The outside was slighly crunchy and caramelized with a delightful, almost creamy, center. It was served with quince and Vermont maple syrup. I wasn't sure what quince was, but it tasted like a combination of a pear and an apple. I am looking forward to going back and tasting more brunch options in the near future.
Shill Probability: 89%

Granted these reviews for Brooklyn falafel spot Darna were filtered out by the good people at Yelp but just know people are out there posting stuff like this:

just AMAZING! food is delicious,smiles once you step inside, beautiful pictures and art. You feel very welcomed. i saw Darna from across the street.The food is fresh, you can just tell. If you are ever waiting for a "10-12" minute skirt steak sandwich, its worth it! Don't forget the mint iced tea. YOU GOTTA HAVE THE MINT ICED TEA! mint iced tea is like the icing on the cake. So far i had the kifta wrap, skirt steak, Chicken BLT, and felafel wrap and they're sooooo good! and all the sandwiches come with side salads too which i think is a great deal, you don't get to see that in many small togo food places. At first i thought they were giving me a side salad on the house but then i read on top of the menu, "(all sandwiches come with side salads)" lol. Oh and they also have daily specials...
Shill Probability: 97%

A Yelper files a five star review for New Jersey's Pacos Tacos, perhaps with intentional misspellings. This is one of his many five star reviews for the restaurant and even reviews a rival restaurant by comparing it to Paco:

What a transformation. Went to Pacos last night and did not recognize the place. The restaurant looks and feels like an upscale restaurant from the city. The walls have new stone work and the lighting gives it a great ambiance. The menu is new and the place has a whole new VIBE. The food is still really good and the service was excellant....They offered our kids FREE dessert which was very nice. They still have the wall of hot sauces. If you want great mexican food and nice atmoshere this is the place.
Shill Probability: 100%

Onegin Restaurant

391 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10014 212 924 8001


144 2nd Avenue, Manhattan, NY 10003 (212) 228-9682 Visit Website


391 6th Ave., New York, Ny

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