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Itzocan, Auggie's, The Palace, and More Bite the Dust

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Welcome to the Friday shutter report. Know of a restaurant that has met its demise? Let us know.

2011_12_itzocan.jpg1) East Village: EV Grieve has the very sad news that Itzocan Cafe a lovely miniscule French/Mexican restaurant has closed over on East 9th Street. There's now a For Rent sign in the window. [EVG]

2) Greenwich Village: Vanishing New York learns that the Thompson Street location of Porto Rico Roasting Company, known by locals as Auggie's, has closed after 45 years in business. The owner explains, "The rent is too damn high." [JVNY]

3) Flushing: The City Room learns that 36 year-old Queens diner The Palace will close after service tonight. They describe it as "a classic Queens diner, with glitzy tile and mirrored décor, spacious dining rooms, table-side jukeboxes, a huge fish tank and a glass dessert case by the entrance packed with linzer tarts, rugelach, baklava and oversized cookies." The owner sold the space to a restaurateur who will open a Chinese restaurant there. [City Room]

4) Greenwich Village: Fork in the Road reports that Casetta on West 8th Street is now Cafetiny, a baklava and coffee spot. [FitR]

5) Fort Greene: As mentioned earlier this month, Fort Greene's favorite coffee shop and cafe Tillie's will close after service on New Year's Day. The Brooklyn Paper reports today that one regular is trying to get a group of people together to take the space and reopen it as a cafe and comic book store run by people in the community. [BP]
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Itzocan Cafe

438 East 9th St., New York, NY

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