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New Year's Eve Is The Worst Night Of The Year

We say it every year so we might as well say it again. New Year's Eve is the worst night of the entire year to go out in New York City. Why is it so bad? Besides the rip off "All You Can Drink" VIP parties overrun with winter breaking college kids, lack of cabs below 42nd Street, wild packs of tourists making a mess of our streets, and every other scourge, the night has become big business for a handful of entrepreneurs who prey on the feeble who think that New Year's Eve in New York is actually swell. Like Andrew Fox, a man who has purchased 600 different NYE websites in order to become the US Steel of the night and even found a way to sell a private table for two at the T.G.I.Friday's on 50th Street! For $1300! Are you kidding? The two people who bought this "deal" have to be the two dumbest people on the entire planet.

So remember that if you are stuck in New York and didn't manage to make it to Miami, St. Barts, or Vegas and still want to go out, remember that the Eater New Year's Eve Survival Guide still applies and that almost every big club (save for the Jane at $250 a ticket or Red Egg for free) has rented itself out to outside promoters, every party has to end at 4 AM this year, and the reason everything seems like a rip off is because it is.
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