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Eric Asimov's Tenure as Times Interim Critic: A Look Back

Can you believe it? Eric Asimov's tenure as interim restaurant critic for the New York Times has already come to an end. It was a short-but-sweet ten weeks, filled with many two star reviews, a few ones, and a single three star assessment. Props to Asimov for picking four older establishments to review along with the new ones, and for devoting some column space to wine lists. Pete Wells will file his first review as full-time critic next week. In the meantime, here's a look back at Asimov's reviews, plus a bonus word cloud:

The Eric Asimov Word Cloud:


Eric Asimov Star Distribution:

Three Stars:
· Sushi Yasuda [11/15/11]

Two Stars:
· Mas La Grillade [12/28/11]
· Seasonal [12/14/11]
· Monkey Bar [12/07/11]
· Fatty 'Cue [11/30/11]
· Rouge et Blanc 11/09/11
· Salinas [10/26/11]

One Star:
· Lupa [12/21/11]
· Isa [11/23/11]
· Saxon & Parole [11/01/11]

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